Concrete Finishing

concrete sidewalk

brushed concrete

Brushed concrete is a type of finish for poured concrete that has a rougher surface than smooth finished concrete. Brushed concrete is versatile and popular choice that can be used for driveways, walkways, staircases, or patios.

Because the rough texture of brushed concrete adds more traction, it’s great for areas that are bound to get wet, such as a patio near a swimming pool. The extra traction can help prevent slips and falls.


Concrete can be colored in four different ways. Stains are popular because they can be used on new and existing concrete. They produce subtle, earth-toned colors that blend well with natural surroundings. 

Because they penetrate the surface of the concrete, stains produce permanent color that is UV stable. That means that most stains can be used outdoors without fading. 

stained concrete patio
stamped concrete


Staining provides several hues and tones for concrete through different solutions and techniques. We can produce concrete textures that resemble the shades of natural stone, leather, marble, and wood in almost any color imaginable.



Stamped concrete can replicate the look of stone, tile, brick or even wood. Its versatility makes it a popular treatment for beautifying patios, pool decks, driveways and more. 

The stamping process uses rubber stamps or texturizing mats to imprint a pattern into wet cement. The stamps can make your concrete resemble brick, cobblestone, slate, wood planks, and more. Stamped concrete can also provide a decorative border to a stained concrete surface.


stained concrete with stamped edge